Previous and current clients share their experiences

“A sunny disposition, combined with twenty years of experiential and vocational training radiates from Kate. She approaches my massage with genuine care… For the first time in weeks I feel whole and present in my body… I left the session invigorated yet relaxed and with a feeling of health and well-being. Ahhhhhh.”
Taken from ‘Massage Review’ by Lotus. Reproduced by kind permission of The Healing Times.

“A desk job has contributed to me carrying tension in my upper back and neck, Kate’s massage breaks down the knots and I always feel relaxed yet invigorated after a treatment; Kate is extremely communicative and friendly.”
Ian Murray. Head of Finance, Rail Safety and Standards Board

“A friend told me that Kate had ‘healing hands’ and that whatever the source of the condition I was suffering from, she would be able to help me. That friend was right. Kate has an immense skill and huge warmth and empathy for her clients. It is hard to imagine anyone not benefiting from a session with her.”
N. Pryor. Solicitor.

“Total de-stressing. Kate always manages to find the perfect combination of oils, massage and a sympathetic ear.”
Caroline Brewester. Food writer.

“Healed, healthy and happy – that’s what I feel after a treatment at Hands-on. I see Kate to help prevent tennis injuries and to deal with life’s stresses and strains. I wouldn’t be without it.”
Claire Sawford. PR and marketing consultant

“Kate helps me re-balance my life every visit. She chats when you’re chatty, offers quiet relaxation when you’re not. I’m always humming a tune when I leave. Good for mind and body, that’s Kate.”
Max Dolding

“I visited Kate for three years for aromatherapy massage. When I found out that I was pregnant of course I went to see Kate. As always she listened when I arrived and she treated me depending on how I was feeling and at what stage of pregnancy I was in. Kate gave me treatments on my feet, back and neck massages. I had not had my feet massaged before and I was slightly wary. Kate always said, ‘Hello’ to my baby with palms on my tummy and would say that, ‘He’s very chilled’. This was echoed over and over by the Medical staff during my labour and even now by everyone he meets. Kate’s’ support went home with me too in the form of her ‘miracle’ tummy cream. I am prone to stretch marks and was afraid that I would be the first to ruin Kate’s’ fabulous record for warding off stretch marks. I expanded and expanded but not a blemish! I have now moved from London and miss Kate. I am sure her post-natal therapy is one not to be missed!”
Liz Taylor. Restaurant Manager.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kate from Hands-on for over 10 years. She first treated me when I was newly pregnant in 1997. Her caring counsel, aromatic oils and wonderful hands made it possible for me to navigate a highly pressured City job during the 1998 Russian Crisis and a totally unexpected pregnancy. I have since come to rely on Kate’s regular treatments as a place where, not only are my neck and shoulders are returned to some semblance of physical normality, but also a place where my mind can be stilled, my life steadied and my feet grounded. Her gentle guidance, firm hands and good humour are irreplaceable to me now, she has seen me though sports injury’s of every conceivable nature, brought be back from debilitating back–pain, a divorce, 3 job changes and the trials of parenting. I am extremely grateful to Kate and for my monthly slice of purple-Hands-on-heaven without which I could not to live and love the way I want to – at 100 miles an hour.”
Tracy Frampton. Director, Fixed Income Sales